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It is absolutely impossible to enjoy any bird as a pet without a cage to hold it. However, it must be said that the vast majority of birds that serve as pets would be virtually unable to survive outside our house. That is, more than birdcages are your true home. And as such, each has its specific bird cage, and as you will see in our pet store there are different models depending on the type of bird that lives with you and your family.

Cages for small birds

Let's consider as small birds to many songbirds species. For example, in our store you can find bird cages for goldfinches and other ideal for canaries and similar species. Obviously among small birds also we include those kinds of birds that you can train in amazing abilities. That is, we are talking about cages for lovebirds and parakeets also.

As a curiosity we will say that the cages for parakeets surely be one of the best sellers by any pet store because this nice bird beats dogs and cats as a pet in the world.

Cages for large birds

In this group integrate birds belonging to the same family as the parakeets but a larger size. species, parrots, cockatoos, nymphs, parrots or macaws concerned. They all need a space worthy of its size, and is a category that can simplify the search as cages for parrots.

While the cages for small birds, given their weight and size, they can be perfectly hung on the wall or a shelf. For cages for parrots and similar species, it is bulky and heavy objects. So often they have incorporated their own feet and even wheels. However, if not, we can provide you always stands for cages to ensure the best installation of your pet.

Bird aviaries

However, many of these cages are for individual use or as much for couples. However, here also called'll find aviaries , cages that it is a much larger which generally have a fixed location.

In these voladeros, also called pajareras, there may be a higher number of birds, and generally up can be compartmentalize in pairs, which make breeders. The advantage is that it is spaces as its name suggests allow a slightly longer flights by birds, and thus is supposed to exercise more.

However, in smaller cages also you can encourage them a little exercise, and for that we offer a huge variety of accessories for cages , obviously suitable for each species.

Birdhouses for other birds

Within the category of large cages you can also buy those for laying hens and chicks breeding birds. We are talking about large aviaries or cages for hens, quails and even partridges. Some cockpits that are usually arranged as individual compartments. For that reason this type of cages are equipped with appropriate accessories as feeders, waterers and nest set .

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