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Porridges and pastes pups for cockatiels

Having a baby parrot at home is very delicate, already the birds are very sensitive pets and if they are small increases vulnerability.
That is why we must be very attentive to the area where our little bird is, we will provide you with everything you need and we should not neglect any of the items of their stay, as is the case of hygiene, comfort and, above all, the food .

When we have a newborn bird is vital that we feed properly, otherwise, if we do not, this would suffer serious consequences that could jeopardize their health. To solve this problem effectively, the best we can do is feed it with porridges and pastes for young parrots, these will offer each of the supplements you need.

In we have each of the foods you need for your little feathered friend. Available from baby food for cockatiels , until pasta for breeding parrots . It's just a matter of you choose the supplement that best feel to your pet.

Ideas to feed the baby parrots

  • By feeding a baby parrot you should wash your hands before and after contact with it, this is to protect your health and ours.
  • You can buy special baby food in pet stores around if you have questions about your diet or you're not sure how to prepare a slurry, it is important that your nutrition is complete and balanced so it can grow healthy and happy.
  • A compound of homemade baby food must contain the essentials for parakeets can get all the necessary nutrients, such as fruit juice, honey, cereals, vegetables, especially carrots and broccoli.
  • You must remember that the consistency of porridge should be thick and yet soft for breeding the can consume-la and digest-la, you can use a spoon or syringe, it is advisable that the mixture tibia is found to be best for his stomach.
  • At the end of feed you can gently massage the crop to help with digestion, like a baby, the baby parrot feed several times a day, so you should be prepared to feed them whenever squeak.

Genuine brand in baby food and pasta pups for cockatiels

When a newborn cotorra it is, the best thing we can do is feed quality food, so we will be sure you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need for your full and healthy development. Good food is synonymous with health and wellness.

Variety of foods for your parrot breeding

In we give you the opportunity you to choose the type of food you want to give parakeet breeding; so you can choose the one that seems most convenient or best suited to the situation of the bird. We have baby food for cockatiels , pasta for breeding parrots , and more. Once inside the virtual store you will have access to our full catalog.



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