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Hygiene and cleaning birds

When we decided to adopt an animal as a pet, it is important to consider that cleaning their habitat is necessary to preserve both health and animal welfare as the family you live with . In the case of birds, hygiene and cleaning bird is a fundamental task to fulfill.

Getting hygiene products and cleaning birds is not complicated, because the market has countless items made exclusively for clean and maintain in good condition the cages of our pet birds.

In the online store for birds , we offer you a wide range of hygiene products and cleaning birds: beds and sanitary substrates , articles for cleaning cages and for the care of the animal plumage .

Care Products feathers

Cleaning supplies and hygiene bird that can not miss at home are care products pens , as these animals are prone to fall plumage. The main cause of this loss of plumage are parasitic infections external mites, like lice, or internal, such as tracheal mite known.

Some care products pens you can buy in our online store for birds are insecticides, anti - parasite sprays and tonics to maintain the plumage coloration and luxuriance.

Beds and sanitary substrates for birds

The beds and sanitary substrates for birds are also essential to consider when caring for hygiene and cleaning birds, elements for in them all organic waste generated by the animal inside the cage are deposited.

Beds and sanitary substrates for birds to control odors inside the cage, in addition to absorbing moisture caused by urine, feces and water birds often shed our waterers.

It is important that when buying beds and sanitary substrates for birds you make sure that the composition thereof is not toxic or allergic to the bird.

Cleaning bird cages

In the catalog of our online store for birds you can also get other products for cleaning bird cages , as flavoring, disinfectants, pesticides, fungicides, among others. All of these items are required to create a hygienic atmosphere inside the cage, and promote the welfare of your pet.

Accessories for cleaning birds

In the online store for birds will find a wide variety of accessories for cleaning birds , recommended by experts as trademarks Beaphar , Cat'sBest , Cominter , Cunipic , Novopet and Sanibird .

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