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Ons for cats

The basic diet for domestic cats is based on the variety of cat food you'll find in the form of feed or wet food cans and you have available in our online store animals. A diet based on meat, as cats are totally carnivorous and feed on small mammals, birds, or fish. Varying the power in that sense our pet can have good health.

However, at peak times, or by certain conditions or conditions may be necessary to resort to supplements for cats to strengthen their power. And also these products for cats can be very interesting in the growth phase of our pet, that is, as a puppy.

As van as having more age, physical problems multiply and even become chronic, as happens to us. For this reason many supplements for cats that show you are especially recommended for kittens more years old.

Vitamins for cats

Any of the products that we show in this section is the result of a long veterinary research. That is, here you will find products made by specialty brands in the health of cats and other animals such as Stanvet , Pro Plan Veterinary Diets or Beaphar , creator of the famous bags of vitamin supplements Multiva, extremely appreciated by cats that go through a season weakness and loss of appetite.

In this multivitamin cocktail, you can not miss vitamin B cat, a contribution much appreciated by cats for various reasons. Therefore, among our products you can find in various formats, from soluble to be the favorite in the trough or trough for cats , to injectable and as vitamin tablets.

More supplements for cats

Among the different contributions of vitamins for cats there are also some very important minerals. Among them we should mention the calcium for cats . A mineral that has a direct benefit in animal bones, as occurs with humans.

You will see that many of the products that we show in this very healthy section of our virtual pet store has a pharmaceutical presentation, so sometimes you have to camouflage between pates or other foods that easily take the animal. However, we also have other supplements for cats also beneficial know them beautifully, so that ingested in a much more is simple.

One of them is salmon oil, exquisite your palate, besides tremendously beneficial to your body by the presence of its Omega 3, which is good for your cholesterol or your heart.

Advice regarding food supplements for cats

We are going to make a final recommendation. These products are essentially healthy, but like everything in life, human or feline, abuse is counterproductive. You will see that we have everyday products that make your cat is healthy or suffer less aches or stimulate their growth. But covet ajustaros at recommended doses.

While we have other more specific supplements to the nervous system , immune, respiratory, heart, etc. In these cases it is much better that you consult your veterinarian to about the most appropriate dose and how often are, because abuse or excess can be harmful to your pet.

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