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Anti-Flea & Parasite Drops for Dogs

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Flea pipettes for dogs

Fleas, ticks, various insects and mites threaten for your dog. They represent a constant threat as they are dogs natural parasites and they will attack your pets either in the city or the countryside. However, you can count on the pest control products our online pet store offers for taking care of your dogs. A special mention should be made of flea & parasite control drops for dogs.

How to use flea drops

Our online pet shop features flea control collars, sprays or flea treatment tablets for dogs. We will provide you the best information for each, so that you can use them in the best way. Of course we will give a special focus on flea & parasite control drops.

You will find drops featured by Frontline, Bayer-produced drops Advantix, Virbac Effipro and Effitix drops. You can either choose the ones we mentioned or try the ones proposed by Novartis, Héri Laboratoires, Chadog, they all share the same method of application.

What you have to do is to adjust the dose according to your dog’s weight and follow the given instructions concerning the regularity of the medication administration. Each brand provides different drops in accordance to the weight and size and there are also specific ones for puppies.

As to their use, the drops should be applied on the dogs’ back. Part the fur and expose and squeeze the applicator tube to release the whole dose onto the skin. Then massage the surrounding area as they could feel itchy and at the same time you make their skin absorb the product faster.

How long to Flea & Parasites Control Drops last?

In comparison to other products such as pest control sprays or pest control collars for dogs, that also have the task of preventing flea, insect and ticks, it is undoubted that flea & parasites drops action lasts for a shorter period, as they are effective only for a month.

However, it is worth mentioning that they feature a stronger effect as they involve the absorption of the product by the skin. Of course, the effect of the drops is ensured in the case in which the product is properly applied and you don’t wash your dog until two days after the first application.

The main task is avoiding and fighting the invasion from fleas ticks and pests, the so-called external parasites. Still, other internal threats must be taken into account , that is to say the ones given by tiny bugs or insects that attack your dog’s vital organs, like the heart or the stomach. For this kind of parasites you should resort to pills and tablets, the most effective internal flea and parasite control medications for dogs, that you can also find here on

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